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How to publish in the ICR-Newsletter

Are you interested in presenting your museum or other activities to the ICR community? If so, you are welcome to do it in ICR´s electronic Newsletter. Please use the following procedures:

  1. Contact ICR and discuss the different facilities for publishing.
  2. After that you have to send via email the text – maximum 6.000 characters (= 2 pages A4) and 4 to 6 pictures in good quality.
  3. In the email you have to add the following acknowledgement: “I am the legal owner of the transmitted pictures and the text, which are therefore publishable in the ICR-Newsletter without any costs for ICR. I agree, that text and pictures will be published per electronic publication and will be sent to the members of ICR and other registered people, who are interested in ICR and its activities. Your name, identification of your institution, date of transmission.”

The ICR community is looking forward to your contributions! Thanks for your cooperation.