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ICR Annual Conference 2003

Museums and Regional Development


Merida / Mexico

ICR Annual Conference will be held in Mexico southeast area. The beautiful city of Merida in the Yucatan state will be the host of the conference work from October 26 to November 1th, with the general theme “Museums and Regional Development“.

It might be trivial to say that we live in a rapidly changing world, socially, economically, technologically, etc. What are the challenges facing the museums in this changing world? How do museums respond to the fundamental changes in the society?

Yesterday museums were quite places for information on the past. Today are many museums open for a wide range of cultural and social questions such as identity, democracy, marketing regions or economical growth. The ICR conference in Mexico will focus on this kind of questions, that is the role of museums and their contribution to local and regional development.

Report of Hans Manneby, Bohusläns Museum


ICR Annual Conference 2002

Museum Quality and Standards on a Practical Level

23.09 – 28.09.2002

Croatia, Stuvicka Toplice

ICR has been exploring the theme of quality and museum work for several years now and as a result the book “Guidelines to improve museum quality and standards” has been published. But how to use these guidelines in every day museum work? The book was presented in Croatia and the conference was organised in a way to show how the contemporary theory in museum management, collecting, marketing, visitor service etc. functions on a practical level.

Report of Hans Manneby, Bohusläns Museum

Publication: Manneby, Hans/Prasch,Hartmut/Hofmann, Rainer (Ed.), Guidelines to Improve Museum Quality and Standards. Proceedings of an ICR Project 1999- 2002 ISBN 3-900835-17-9.


ICOM General Conference 2001

Improving Museum Quality

01. – 06. July 2001

Barcelona / Spain

Improving Museum Quality has been the concern of ICR in three Annual Conferences from 1999 to 2001. We have moved from general perspectives on the topic to more practical questions on how to improve museum quality.

ICR Annual Conference 2000

Museum Quality and Standards

29.10. – 03.11.2000

Nairobi / Kenya

The Conference took place in Nairobi, Kenya and continued the discussions on museums accreditation and quality that has started in Greece.

ICR Annual Conference 1999

Museum Accreditation

17. – 24. October 1999

Athens, Greece

The general theme for the conference was “Museum Accreditation”, a topic of great interest and relevance for many museums around the world. The broad interest in these questions and the need for collegial exchange of ideas was obvious during our ICR sessions in Australia. Participation: approximately 80 representatives.

Publication: Manneby, Hans/Prasch, Hartmut/Hofmann, Rainer (Ed.), Museum Accreditation. A quality proof for museums. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of ICR in Athens 1999. ISBN 3-900835-15-2.

ICOM General Conference 1998

The Regional Museums in a Polycultural Society

12. – 16. October 1998

Melbourne, Australia

The annual conference of ICR was held under the general theme “Museums in a Policultural Society”. The term “polycultural” should clarify that the theme has many more aspects than only multicultural – a term which today is often used as a synonym for multi-ethnology. Participation: approximately 30 representatives from 16 countries.