ICR Membership

ICR Membership

Membership is open to all members of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). More members will help demonstrate the worldwide significance of regional museums.

It is easy to join ICR.

What to do to become a member of ICR?

1. If you are not a member of ICOM, first you have to become one by completing ICOM’s Membership Form – select ICR as the International Committee you would like to become a member of.

2. Send the completed Membership form to ICOM Secretariat in Paris or to your National Committee.

3. Send a copy of the completed form for Committees to ICR. Chair ICR: chair.icr@icom.museum or Treasurer ICR: noga.icomicr@gmail.com

Please note your current email account for future information of ICR.

For more information on the benefits of ICOM memberships, visit the ICOM website.

We are very happy to welcome you as a new ICR member!