Annual Conference

2023 CALL FOR PAPERS:Regional Museum and Regional Revitalization

The ICOM-ICR Annual Conference 2023:Regional Museum and Regional Revitalization

The ICOM-ICR Annual Conference 2023 is interested in regional museums and regional revitalization. Regional revitalization refers to the comprehensive and strategic efforts undertaken to renew and revitalize a region or area that has experienced various challenges. Regional museums play a crucial role in this process and have significantly contributed to the success of regional evitalization in various ways. Besides. regions develop much of their unique characteristics from the collective activities of people who live in them, shape the surface through their actions, build distinct tructures. and form organizations and social relation ships.
Nine years after ICR was hosted in Taiwan and after a worldwide health and social crisis. we return to the country once more to examine the activity of regional museums in the fabric that motivates discussions on regionat revitalization.

ICOM annual conference poster and workshop submissions
in collaboration with CAM, Tainan City,Taiwan 5-8 December 2023,(With hybrid option)

All abstracts should be a max of 250 words (Times New Roman, font size 12) and submitted in English, along with a biography of the author not exceeding 75 words.
You may include up to 5 keywords and note any special technological assistance you will require.
Be sure to include the following details with your submission:
ㆍTitle                                                   ㆍICOM number (if applicable)
ㆍName and institution of author  ㆍE-mail address
Please send all abstracts, before the listed deadline, to:
Hwang Shyh-Huei, ICR Board
Havatzelet Yahel, ICR

Submission of Abstracts:August 31, 2023
Announcement of Approved Proposals:September 10, 2023
Full Text Submission:October 30, 2023

Lectures will be provided for 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for questions and

Call for Paper,Poster and Workshop Important Notice and Date
ㆍRegional museums and sense of place/Regional
ㆍmuseums and place making.
ㆍRegional museums and community hubs.
ㆍRegional museums and regional revitalization
Additional Questions:
ㆍAre regional museums part of the infrastructure that
affects revitalization.
ㆍHow do our institutions evolve in a changing world
and represent it?
ㆍExamples of exhibitions, exhibits or actions taken by
museums, which
position them as an instrumental for revitalization.