About ICR


ICOM’s International Committee for Regional Museums

Regional museums are on all continents, and they work everywhere from the arctic to the tropics.

Some have large financial resources, most do not. But all try to explain their own regional history and environment. In doing so they are serving an increasingly important function in this world where so much conspires to make people feel small and rootless.

Regional museums go the opposite way, asserting the richness of our variety and the value of the human life and heart.

ICR was created in the 1960s for regional museums that are among the most numerous in the world.

In our committee we are interested in the role of regional museums in their communities with respect to culture, history, environment, social development and language.

We are concerned with the challenges, philosophy, methodology and international co-operation of regional museums in a time of social and political change that has affected the fundamental identity of millions of people.

If you are not a member of ICR, but find our work interesting for you and your museum, ICR will be glad to welcome you not just to the web site, but in our committee as well!

Watch ICR 50th Anniversary Video by Eddie Lai for a peek at who we are.